4 Safety Tips For Pulling Cables

Cable pulling involves observing certain safety measures are a degree of skill, since cable pulling equipment is large, bulky and hard to handle. It involves pulling and haulingequally treacherous cables that require a certain degree of precision and skill. So in order toensure that you are observing the necessary safety precautions when handling cable pulling equipment, here are a few safety tips that will give you assurance when pulling cables:

Courtesy: dejana

1. Give room for sufficient clearance between cable and conduit

Make sure that there is enough room between the cable and conduit. You need to provide a certain level of clearance. This refers to the distance between the inner top most cable and the upper cable in the conduit. This can range from the number of bends in an installation or the size of the installation.

2. Figure out the jam ratio

When cables are pulled or twisted because of bends, jamming occurs. It is the twisting of three cables, when they are parallel to each other in a conduit. So, in order to make sure that this does not happen- even when it is possible – check the jamming ratio beforehand. 

3. Ensure adequate lubrication

Ensuring proper lubrication means that there will be less possibility of friction. There are a number of lubricants available for different types of cables. Typically, oil based lubricants are used non-metallic wrapped cables.

4. Avoid bending of cables

 If you are able to locate the distance payoff reel, you can prevent the sudden bend of cables.

Whether you are using a cable pulling trailer or any other type of cable pulling equipment, it is essential to follow safety tips, in order to avoid any accidents.