Vitamin C Serum Benefits and its Anti-aging Potential!

Ageing is defined as the progressive physiological and anatomical changes in living beings leading to senescence and less ability of repair and regeneration of the body. Ageing has an adverse impact on human skin. Apart from ageing, there are many other factors responsible for dull and wrinkled skin which spoils the health, beauty, and appearance of individuals.


  • Sunlight (photo-ageing)
  • Harsh Weather
  • Pollution
  • Age-related
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Heredity
  • Smoking
  • Obesity

Modifications in factors mentioned above can help in delaying the ageing and restoration of skin elasticity. Moreover, India has a tropical climate with intense sunlight, so local people are inclined to heavy sun exposure. Despite sun exposure being essential for human health to help generate vitamin D, the most unwanted side-effects, namely skin darkening, pigmentation (age and/or dark spot), as well as collagen degradation and DNA damage which lead to premature aging skin, are also caused by the same exposure.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is an essential nutrient responsible for the repair of tissues, collagen synthesis and enzymatic production of neurotransmitters. Research has shown that its is highly efficacious results of sun protection with related effects in anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, collagen boosting and DNA protection.

One of the best topical preparation is Vitamin C serum; serums are lightly weighted moisturizers which has better penetration into the skin as the active ingredients (Vitamin C) in them reaches the inner layers of the skin and provides better texture. Vitamin C serum promotes collagen synthesis addresses fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles. Consequently, individuals get youthful looking skin without the need for an expensive and potentially harmful cosmetics.

Dermaessentia's offer most stable form of Vitamin C serum which should be the first step of every skin care regimen to attain youthful skin.

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