5 Ways to Eat Meat and Stay Healthy

In order to have a healthy body, it is essential to be conscious about the food you eat. Not all cuts of the meat are high in fat and cholesterol. All you need to do is select the right meat cuts and cook them appropriately so that you do not consume lots of fats.


Following are some ways you can eat meat and remain healthy:

1. Choose the meat carefully

When you are purchasing meat, read the labels carefully and select a piece that consists of less amount of fat. Also, select a specific cut as some cuts have higher cholesterol and fats than others.  

2. Type of cut:

When selecting meat cuts; go with the one that is labelled as extra lean or lean. Lean meat consists of very less amount of fat content. Moreover, you can easily cook this type of meat.

3. Grass-fed or pasture raised

You should select meat that is labelled either as pasture raised or grass fed. This is because this type of meat can have 25% to 50% lesser calories and fat. Moreover, has more amount of omega 3 fatty acids than meat derived from grain fed animals.

 4. Cut away extra fat

Whenever you cook meat, trim all of the external fat before you start cooking. By trimming the fat you can reduce fat intake by almost 50%.

5. Towel off

When making meatballs, burgers or similar dishes, use paper towels to remove all the extra oil and grease after cooking them.

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