How to Resell Electronics Online

Since the end of last year, when I set up an online store with some suppliers from Worldwide Brands, I've been re-selling electronics online using a Shopify store and drop shippers.  It's gone surprisingly well so far, and the fulfilment part of the process – which I was expecting to be the most difficult by far – has worked smoothly.

I think the reason is that there are just so many tools for new e-commerce entrepreneurs available now – from Shopify and apps like Oberlo (which imports products from sites like Ali Express) to long established supplier directories like Salehoo and Worldwide Brands.

Although I was able to set up my online store in the space of a day, finding suppliers did take longer.  First I had to find a list of reliable electronics suppliers and then filter it down to the ones that were both cheap and offered to drop ship directly to my customers, but luckily I'd invested in a good directory for that.

Then I had to set up some ads – and that's where I initially lost money and struggled.  Trying Facebook ads at first, my campaigns completely flopped, so I moved on to Google Adwords and Bing.

Luckily I eventually found some keywords that converted, and suppliers that drop shipped the goods my customers were searching for, and the rest has just been repeating the processes that work.