All About Uses Of Air Dryer

A compressed air dryer is a tool for removing water vapor from compressed air. Compressed air dryers are generally found in a wide selection of commercial and industrial services.

The procedure of air compression concentrates on atmospheric contaminants, including water vapor. This increases the dew point of the compressed air relative to free atmospheric air and contributes to condensation within pipes since the compressed air cools downstream of the compressor.

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Excessive water from compressed air, in either the vapor or liquid phase, can make many different operational issues for users of compressed air. These include freezing of outside air lines, corrosion in piping and equipment, malfunctioning of pneumatic process control devices, fouling of products and processes, and much more.

There are many types of compressed air conditioners.:-

Refrigerated Dryer

Refrigerated air conditioners employ two heat exchangers, one for air-to-air and one for air-to-refrigeration. However, there’s also one TRISAB heat exchanger that combines both functions. The compressors used in this sort of drier are often of the hermetic type and also the most common gas used is R-134a.

Most manufacturers produce “cycling dryers”. These store a cold mass which cools the ar once the compressor is OFF. After the refrigeration compressor operates, the huge mass takes much longer to cool, so the compressor runs more, and remains OFF longer. These components operate at lower dew points, typically at the 35-40 °F range.